About Destry Sillivan

Lead a prosperous pharmaceutical company by improving your operations with in-depth regulatory services from T Cubed Regulartory Consulting in Bowie, Maryland. At Destry Sillivan’s full-service company, he makes sure that your company meets all of the necessary regulations.

Research Experience

Your company is in good hands when you work with pharmaceutical consultant, Destry Sillivan. With 16 years of experience in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research as well as the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, he is highly qualified to supply your business with industry-recognized guidance. His various duties in these research centers included FDA regulatory review, inspection, and project management experience.

Management Experience
In addition to his work with research centers, Destry Sillivan also gained management experience in the Office of Compliance and Product Quality, the Division of Manufacturing and Product Quality, and as a team leader in the Center for Biologics. His experience in the Division of Manufacturing and Product Quality covered all aspects of:

• Inspections for Products Regulated
  by the Center for Biologics

• Equipment Review
• Facilities

Reviewer Experience
Gain valuable pharmaceutical guidance from an expert in the industry. Destry Sillivan furthered his skills by serving as the final secondary reviewer for all memoranda generated by Branch Review Staff. He was also the recognized senior subject matter expert for several functional review areas, including:


• Container Closure Integrity
• Aseptic Processing
• Environmental Monitoring
• Lyophilization Validation • Cleaning Validation
Career Affiliates
Destry Sillivan’s vast career included working with nearly all major pharmaceutical manufacturers and numerous minor firms. Prior to working with these renowned companies, he studied vaccine and molecular biology-based research at the United States Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.


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